Why I Chose Nursing As A Essay

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The relationships Mona forms are dynamic – just like the career of nursing itself.By sharing Mona’s experience with her, I’ve come to see nursing’s full potential as a very multifaceted career.

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One of the selected nurses, Mona Counts, really altered the way I view the career of nursing.

To me, nursing has always been an action-packed adventure that involves delivering babies, comforting dying patients and working in an emergency room saving people’s lives.

************************************************** Update 2/26/2009 I am currently a junior at the University of Pennsylvania.

I am the vice president of Student Nurses at Penn and recently had a research article published in the University of Pennsylvania's Journal for Student Nurse Research.

University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing Update 11/3/2010 Currently I'm working as a nurse on a general medicine floor at University of Virginia Hospital in Charlottesville, Va.

In May, I'll be starting grad school at Penn to be a women's health NP.While I knew some people choose to go into areas of nursing such as primary care, I never really thought about what a nurse might do in such a setting.After seeing Mona in action, I think that the nurses that do the “everyday work” such as primary care, nursing in schools or health care administration play a very important, under-recognized role in the medical field.Besides her ability to incorporate both prevention and treatment into office visits, the other thing about Mona that really enhanced my views of what it actually means to be a nurse is the way she bonds with each and every one of her patients.In my time at nursing school, I have often been told not to get too close to any patients.Mona was an excellent choice to be involved in the documentary because of her great technique and skills, and her personal and approachable nature (all characteristic that nurse should have).She portrays nursing as a very rewarding career, which I believe it will be.You must be prepared for all kinds of situations and all kinds of emotions.However, most importantly, once you call yourself a nurse you must simply care.Currently, I am applying for membership to Sigma Theta Tau and preparing to attend the National Student Nurse Association Conventional in Nashville, TN this spring.************************************************** Winning Essay To choose a career in nursing is to dedicate yourself to a lifelong passion.


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