Writing A Research Paper In High School

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Proofread for preventable errors, conduct a full editorial review, and revise where necessary.

The review stage is extremely important and should not be glossed over. And of course, you’ll want to make sure you’ve met all the criteria set by your instructor.

If the paper requires substantial revision, you may need to do more than a quick edit.

If your thesis isn’t defensible, your evidence doesn’t hold up to scrutiny, or your argument can be easily dismantled, you may need to take a step back and consider a full rewrite.

You don’t want to get 300 pages into a book before you realize you’re bored out of your mind by the subject matter.

Writing A Research Paper In High School

Start by gaining a general familiarity with your topic.

Find simple summaries and make sure enough depth exists to warrant your continued research. Once you’ve picked a topic and surveyed it, take a deeper dive.

Find the major view on your subject, identifying key resources, reading these with depth, recording their main arguments, pulling key quotes, and recording your unprocessed thoughts on the subject.

Before you submit your completed work, make sure you’ve produced a well-organized, readable, focused, coherent, and supportable essay.

And doublecheck that your thesis is well stated at the start of your paper and well supported by the end.


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