Writing A Thesis Statement About Jefferson Vs Hamilton

However, a strategy of cooptation provides an equally plausible explanation.Jefferson already had a substantial personal following, especially in the southern states.”9 In such a small cabinet, the potential for administrative overlap was great.(Only after the adoption of the Twelfth Amendment in 1804 did electors vote separately and specifically for president and vice president.) The presidential election of 1800 provided Alexander Hamilton, former secretary of the treasury, with a dilemma: a tie between Thomas Jefferson, a man whose principles were in direct opposition to Hamilton's own, and Aaron Burr, a man Hamilton believed to have no principles at all.

He is polite with dignity, affable without familiarity, distant without Haughtiness, Grave without Austerity, Modest, Wise & Good.

These are traits in his Character which peculiarly fit him for the exalted station he holds, and God Grant that he may Hold it with the same applause & universal satisfaction for many many years, as it is my firm opinion that no other man could rule over this great people & consolidate them into one mighty Empire but He who is set over us.” Washington’s reluctance to accept the office of president was overcome by his sense of duty and an understanding that the office of president had been created with him in mind “Only his virtuous concern for the welfare of the nation he had done so much to create overcame his reluctance ‘to quit a peaceful abode for an Ocean of difficulties’ and risk the ‘good name of my own on this voyage.’ People like his friend Henry Knox appreciated his unwillingness to enter the political arena,” wrote historian Gordon S. “‘Secure as he was in his fame,’ wrote [Henry] Knox with some awe, ‘he has again committed it to the mercy of events.

“I have no wish which aspires beyond the humble and happy lot of living and dying a private citizen on my own farm.” Washington wrote: “I clearly foresaw the endless jealousies, and, possibly, the fatal consequences, to which a government, depending altogether on the good will of the people for its establishment, would certainly be exposed in its early stages.

Besides, I thought, whatever the effect might be in pleasing or displeasing any individuals at the present moment, a due concern for my own reputation not less decisively than a sacred regard to the interests of the Community, required that I should hold myself absolutely at liberty to act, while in office, with a sole reference to justice and the public good.

Nothing but the critical situation of his country would have induced him to so hazardous a conduct.” Washington received notification of his election from John Langdon, president pro tempore of the Senate of his election as president on April 14.

Two days later, he left Virginia for New York, arriving on April 23. Washington had been working on a suitable inaugural speech for some time.

The presidential election of 1800 had resulted in a tie between the two Democratic Republicans, Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr.

The founders had not foreseen the rise of political parties and the effects that development would have on the operations of the Electoral College.

George Washington Hamilton and Washington Jefferson and Washington Jefferson, Hamilton and the Cabinet The Debt and Assumption The Capital Dinner Deal Bank of the United States William Duer and Charges of Corruption Giles Resolutions Foreign Policy Disputes American Neutrality and Citizen Genêt Press Battles Reelection in 1792 and Attempted Rapprochement Retirements of Jefferson and Hamilton Philip Mazzei Letter Conclusion George Washington Ever the realist, George Washington did not seek the burdens of the Presidency.

Indeed in 1789, Washington was very reluctant to accept the popular expectation that he would be the country’s first president.


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